G&G Anesthesia – Trusted Partner for Surgery Centers and Hospitals, Caring Providers for Patients

No matter where they live or where they’re treated, every patient deserves equitable access to exceptional anesthesia care that can mitigate risk in the operating room and maximize health outcomes in recovery. Since 2009, G&G Anesthesia management has delivered evidence-based practices and patient-centered care to hospital systems and ambulatory surgery centers in rural and suburban communities across the U.S. Our quality-focused initiatives, enhanced safety measures and constant pursuit of innovation are transforming how healthcare is delivered—patients receive unmatched care close to home, and hospitals control costs while improving coverage.

Smarter Solutions for Medical Facilities

G&G Anesthesia’s flexible clinical care model delivers custom solutions to reduce expenses, increase revenue and improve quality metrics for your hospital or surgery center.

Career Opportunities For Providers

G&G Anesthesia provides opportunities for anesthesiologists and CRNAs to practice to the full scope of their professional license with the autonomy, career growth and work/life balance every provider strives to find.

Enhanced Care For Patients

We can’t erase the stress that comes with surgery, but we can ease it by providing patients with high-quality and compassionate anesthesia care and industry-leading pain management solutions.

Custom Solutions,
Clinical Support

Our service model is tailored to your hospital’s specific requirements, but supported clinically by G&G Anesthesia’s network of national experts and best practice sharing.

Active Coverage
on Site

Our anesthesiologists and CRNAs are actively engaged in 24/7 patient care, provide support for community physicians and staff, and enhance service lines for hospitals.

A Team Approach
to Patient Care

G&G Anesthesia works seamlessly with your surgical or L&D team at every step from pre-operative assessments to the administration of anesthesia to discharge planning.

Quality Metrics

We specialize in clinical data reporting by monitoring 20 quality indicators on every case to promote patient safety and ensure best practices are followed.

Innovative Pain
Management Solutions

Our multi-modal pain management approach helps relieve post-op side effects, drastically reducing the number of opioids prescribed and improving patient comfort.

A Healthier
Bottom Line

The members of the G&G Anesthesia leadership team are experts at managing healthcare waste, helping control costs and increase revenue for medical facilities without compromising patient care.

Partner with G&G Anesthesia

At G&G Anesthesia we recognize the impact hospitals have on the communities they serve. We have made it our mission to partner with organizations looking to transform their anesthesia service line to a high-quality and patient-centered model, increasing departmental efficiency and effectiveness. Our model leads to improved patient and surgeon satisfaction and increased revenue. To learn more, contact us today.


We are proud to announce G&G Anesthesia is now 360 Anesthesia. As we continue to expand, we feel 360 Anesthesia more fully embraces our commitment to our clinicians, our patients, the communities we serve, and our facility partners. Stay tuned for updates.