Leading Through Innovation Since 2009

As experts in anesthesia and pioneers in regional block anesthesia, G&G Anesthesia has witnessed first-hand the obstacles rural and community hospitals face in providing the latest innovations in perioperative anesthesia care to their patients. Whether due to financial constraints, a team already stretched to capacity, or a lack of access to clinical support, smaller health systems and surgical centers continue to fall behind as larger anesthesia groups step in to deliver care without the personal connection their patients have come to depend on.

Since our beginning, G&G Anesthesia has partnered with rural hospitals to build up their service lines and improve patient outcomes with a dual approach to perioperative care, customized specifically to their needs:

Cutting-edge regional block anesthesia

In addition to managing general anesthesia for high-risk surgical cases, G&G Anesthesia is an industry leader in regional block anesthesia solutions for OB and routine surgeries. Our anesthesiologists and CRNAs closely review each patient’s situation to determine the appropriate sedation for their procedure, safely administer injections – whether it’s spinal anesthesia, epidural anesthesia or a peripheral nerve block – and monitor the patient’s care in the operating room.


With regional block anesthesia, patients experience less nausea and vomiting post-surgery, reduced pain and shorter hospital stays – all of which increase patient satisfaction and lower costs for hospitals.

Our multi-modal pain management model

The opioid dependency in this country often starts in the recovery room. Our approach to pain management through multi-modal therapy reduces, if not eliminates, the need for narcotics after surgery by combining a peripheral nerve block with non-addictive medications to minimize the patient’s pain and possible side effects. In fact, our quality metrics scores show that our pain management with Total Joint Program is in the 95th percentile nationally.

As new innovations in anesthesia emerge, G&G Anesthesia team members remain at the forefront with ongoing training and continuing education to deliver revolutionary care to your patients. In addition, through our national clinical team, your hospital has access to key data and best practices to improve patient safety in the operating room. To learn more, contact us today at 618-855-1480 for your custom proposal.

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