The G&G Anesthesia Flexible Clinical Care Model

Every hospital and surgery center is different – your location, size and patient base all dictate the service lines you offer to your community. That’s why G&G Anesthesia management scales our perioperative services to each medical facility, allowing us to craft a flexible clinical care solution that adapts to your changing needs. You can feel confident your hospital has access to 24/7 coverage at a cost that fits your financial strategy, and rest assured you patients’ care is backed by ongoing clinical research.

Frank Grasso, CRNA

VP of Clinical Strategy & Practice

Janell Harhi

VP of Business Development

Sam White

VP of Operations

Kevin Stein, CRNA

VP of Culture & Innovation

Randy Pruetzel

VP of Finance

Brendan Walsh, MD

Medical Director

Chris Kory, MD

Medical Director

Jeff Alexander, DO


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