Mission, Vision & Values

At G&G Anesthesia, our patients are at the heart of everything we do, at every hospital and ambulatory surgery center we serve. By elevating rural and community hospitals with customized, cost-effective anesthesia solutions, providing an optimum work environment for providers and staff, and maximizing health outcomes with evidence-based practices, we ensure patients have access to innovative, industry-leading care no matter where they live. Most important, that care is delivered by compassionate providers who value and respect each patient’s unique experience.

Our Mission

Elevate the perioperative experience through Effective, Efficient, Equitable care.

Our Values


We believe that high-quality care, built on experience and strengthened through compassion, helps ensure the patients’ ultimate safety before, during and after surgery.


We believe that cooperation and respect help cultivate trust between providers and staff and create a more satisfactory experience for the patients they serve.


We believe that investing in and implementing innovative care delivery models elevates excellence in the perioperative arena.


We believe that when delivered efficiently by skilled team members, evidence-based practices should increase a hospital’s revenue without compromising patient care.

Our Vision

G&G Anesthesia is dedicated to advancing the anesthesia industry and ensuring community hospitals across the country remain at the forefront of innovation in the field, regardless of their size or location. To fulfill our Vision, G&G will:


  • Redefine the perioperative standard of care through clinical excellence, cutting-edge technology and dynamic patient-centered care models.
  • Continue to advance regional anesthesia technology that lessens post-operative pain, reduces hospital stays and decreases patient dependency on narcotics.
  • Customize anesthesia services to each hospital systems’ unique needs and develop multi-disciplinary teams to maximize patient outcomes while minimizing costs.
  • Connect rural and community hospitals to a national network of clinical thought leaders and best practices.
  • Continually monitor more than 20 quality and safety indicators to ensure patients receive the best care possible.

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