The G&G Anesthesia Financial Impact: Expense Reduction, Revenue Growth

The financial hit of lower reimbursement rates and higher costs are leaving hospitals’ bottom lines bruised and battered. For many medical facilities, making cuts to care is the only way to stop the bleeding, and unfortunately, it’s their patients who are left hurting the most.

By partnering with G&G Anesthesia, you provide your patients access to experienced anesthesiologists and CRNAs and high-quality, cutting-edge care while strengthening your revenue cycle performance. Our innovative approach to anesthesia services puts patient and surgeon satisfaction first while collaboration between nurses, surgeons and anesthesiologists decreases length of stay and reduces overhead costs for both hospitals and patients. In addition, through greater efficiency, standardization of services, and strong anesthesia management and oversight, G&G Anesthesia helps get your hospital back in the black without jeopardizing care.


As a nationally-recognized anesthesia provider, G&G Anesthesia positively impacts your medical facility’s financial health in two ways:

Expense Reduction

  • Flexible staff model reduces provider burnout and turnover
  • Reduced length of stay in both inpatient and outpatient settings
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Increased operating room efficiencies
  • Implementation of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) and regional block programs results in reduced opioid use, perioperative complications and inpatient LOS
  • Reduced exposure to medical malpractice claims

Revenue Growth

  • Improved surgeon and physician satisfaction
  • Increased surgical volume driven by partnerships with local physicians
  • More profitable payer contracts based on improved quality of care performance and improved patient outcomes
  • Effective utilization of OR schedules, FCOTs and TOT
  • Billing enhancements due to regional block program
  • Surgical Services Ambassador to medical staff to focus on improved communication and volume growth

With so many medical centers struggling to keep up financially and hundreds more closing their doors for good, implementing a long-term, viable anesthesiology solution is one way you can turn your hospital around. Learn more about G&G Anesthesia’s cost-saving services by contacting us at 618-855-1480 or use the form below to request for your custom proposal.

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We are proud to announce G&G Anesthesia is now 360 Anesthesia. As we continue to expand, we feel 360 Anesthesia more fully embraces our commitment to our clinicians, our patients, the communities we serve, and our facility partners. Stay tuned for updates.