The G&G Anesthesia Flexible Clinical Care Model

The G&G Anesthesia Flexible Clinical Care Model

Every hospital and surgery center is different – your location, size and patient base all dictate the service lines you offer to your community. That’s why G&G Anesthesia management scales our perioperative services to each medical facility, allowing us to craft a flexible clinical care solution that adapts to your changing needs. You can feel confident your hospital has access to 24/7 coverage at a cost that fits your financial strategy, and rest assured you patients’ care is backed by ongoing clinical research.

Our Scope of Anesthesia Services for Hospitals and Surgery Centers

Our Scope of Anesthesia Services for Hospitals and Surgery Centers

When you partner with G&G Anesthesia, your anesthesiologists and CRNAs are focused solely on your medical center and affiliated ambulatory surgery centers. In addition, we provide an on-site medical director who will actively engage with your surgeons and hospital administrators to improve efficiency, quality, safety, and volume. This multi-level approach to care enables us to identify opportunities, deliver excellence and develop best practices that fit your individual program.

Implementation Management

G&G Anesthesia works with your medical team on the strategy and design of a customized, clinically integrated care model. All procedures and policies we develop as your anesthesia provider comply with your hospital’s requirements, and we will meet directly with your physicians and staff to address program-specific operational and clinical questions. Once your program is ready to roll out, G&G Anesthesia provides continual oversight and ongoing communication with stakeholders to ensure a seamless transition that improves staff and patient satisfaction from day one.

On-Site Active Coverage

Our anesthesiologists and CRNAs provide 24/7 coverage for your team. Whether it’s a scheduled minor surgery or a life-threatening emergent encounter, your physicians and surgeons will have a provider by their side who is focused on minimizing the side effects of anesthesia and maximizing your patients’ outcomes. Our active coverage includes:

  • Pre-operative surgery assessments
  • Implementation of a regional block program to reduce opioid usage and decrease LOS
  • Management of anesthesia during the procedure with continual coverage through disposition
  • L&D coverage
  • Discharge planning
  • Medical record and charge capture documentation
  • Ongoing communication with private physicians and staff
  • The ability to partner with hospitals to maximize vertical scheduling
  • Representation on hospital-wide and departmental committees

Operating Room and Labor & Delivery Anesthesia Management

G&G offers management of anesthesia services for both your surgical and L&D departments. We practice standardization and continuity and align them with best practices to promote patient safety and satisfaction.

  • OR Anesthesia Management
    • Efficient utilization of the OR schedule
    • Improved First Case on Time Starts (FCOST) and reduction in Turn Over Time (TOT)
    • Cost-effective pre-op testing designed to improve patient safety and reduce Day of Surgery (DOS) cancellations
    • Enhanced communication with entire perioperative team
  • L&D Anesthesia Management
    • Option for in-house epidural management
    • 30-minute response time for OB emergencies
    • L&D staff education on airway emergencies and local anesthetic toxicity
    • In-house anesthesia coverage for anticipated high-risk emergency deliveries
    • Utilization of AIDET skills and SBAR communication


Your G&G Anesthesia program will be supported clinically by our network of experts, including your on-site medical director and a corporate clinical support team. In addition to sharing best practices, supporting your hospital’s protocols, providing ongoing education for providers, and reporting key data and benchmarks, G&G Anesthesia clinical leadership will work directly with hospital administrators and department managers to address key priorities and challenges to enhance service lines and elevate your hospital in today’s competitive healthcare field.

Risk and Quality Management

G&G Anesthesia delivers a comprehensive and fully-integrated Quality Management System built on the ePreop™ data acquisition interface, designed to facilitate:

  • Compliance with regulations and standards
  • Identification of emerging risks and opportunities
  • Improvement in organizational performance
  • Compliance with internal and external reporting necessary to drive success of clinical enterprise

Let G&G Anesthesia custom tailor a perioperative solution for your hospital or medical center – contact us at 618-855-1480 or request a proposal below from our clinical experts.

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