G&G Anesthesia Quality Metrics

G&G Anesthesia is focused on improved patient outcomes—and these outcomes are reflected in the quality metrics scores of the hospitals and surgery centers we serve.


Patient safety and quality of care have been our top priorities from the day we were founded. To ensure we provide your patients with the best care possible, G&G Anesthesia monitors more than 20 quality and safety indicators on every case. Just as important, our anesthesia providers utilize a multi-modal pain management model to drastically reduce the number of opioids prescribed to patients while minimizing the side effects they may experience after their procedure.

Some of our safety and quality scores include:

  • Pain management with Total Joint Program in the 95th percentile nationally
  • Surgery cancellations at .07%
  • Delays at less than 1%
  • Post-operative nausea and vomiting at .023%

Through these metrics, we can enhance quality and standardize care for patients in order to reduce their risks before, during and after surgery and decrease their hospital stays. In turn, we improve patient satisfaction ratings for your medical facility and lower your expenses.

For more information on our quality metrics, contact G&G Anesthesia’s leadership team at 618-855-1480

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We are proud to announce G&G Anesthesia is now 360 Anesthesia. As we continue to expand, we feel 360 Anesthesia more fully embraces our commitment to our clinicians, our patients, the communities we serve, and our facility partners. Stay tuned for updates.